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Multi-density EPSReinforced chinstrapShell sizes
LS2 offers multiple case sizes, custom-sized EPS protective films and our high-performance, high-quality comfort filler as well as 3D laser-cut plastic foam for a perfect fit and comfort throughout the dayMade of HPTT
In the HPTT process, which was developed exclusively by our technicians, an ABS mixture is injected into molds. The molds used in this high-precision process are made of metal blocks weighing several hundred kilogramsTwo positions sun visor
Like all LS2 helmets, the Spitfire has a sun visor that protects the rider from radiation on sunny days. It can be replaced by other sun visors in different colors and placed in two different positions. Perfect grip and reliability on the wayQuick release
The metal buckle combines with a high-quality chin strap with a plastic tongue with teeth. When closing you hear a soft "click". As far as locking until you reach a comfortable but tight seat. Pull the ribbon to unlock the tongue. Further adjustment options are provided by the chinstrap on the side of the metal buckleDetailed design
Highly detailed and elegant embossing on the back of the helmetFeed ventilation
The new LS2 liners are extremely air-permeable and, together with the flow channels in the EPS cushioning, always provide a fresh feelingLaser-cut upholstery Foam with different densities is laser-cut in 3D and adapts perfectly to the driver's head shape

LS2 370

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